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  • menopause-symptoms-and-solutions-GermanVit-Bloggs

    Menopause (symptoms and how to overcome it)

    An age phase that every woman must experience, so all you have to do is receive it with advance preparation, and enjoy all stages of your life - even what may seem disturbing at first - because you always deserve the best and the most beautiful.
    Continue reading for more information that will definitely help you to maintain your physical and psychological health during this period.
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  • نصائح هامَّة للوقاية من مشاكل العظام والمفاصل

    Important tips for preventing bone and joint problems

    Joint stiffness, osteoporosis, and muscle stiffness have become among the most frequent complaints of young people before the elderly, due to unbalanced diets and an unhealthy lifestyle! Here are some nutritional tips and healthy habits that protect you from these risks, to enjoy a healthy body, and more easy and flexible movement..
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